Sleep healthy with our premium mattresses designed to provide you a better sleeping experience like never before !

The Healthiest Mattress ever!

Natural Balanced Sleeping Experience

Bioposture’s professional and ergonomic design was perfected and developed with top doctors and chiropractor’s input and instructions. It provides three layers of support and comfort special foams to secure proper pressure relief and spinal alignment, with the perfect balance which is not too firm or too soft. You sleep with

Recover & Recharge faster while you sleep

All of our mattress is fully covered in a “maximum content” Celliant textile for blood flow improvement, thermoregulation and oxygenation. Cellient has been classified as “class 1” Medical Device. The Celliant’s infrared electromagnetic light energy completely supercharges your sleep for total recovery!

Latex Free & Eco-Friendly

Bioposture’s mattresses are available without chemicals flame retardants, are latex free and CertiPUR-US Certified. Our BioMemoryFoam™ is developed and engineered with eco-friendly plant oil substitutes. 

Experience the full recovery & recharge while you sleep with Bioposture's Celliant Technology

Every BioPosture mattress contains a zippered Celliant® ticking, a patented bio-functional ceramic textile that promotes tissue oxygenation for better and healthier sleep and rapid recovery from pain & injury.

Regulated temperature to keep you cool & cozy

Designed & Recommended by doctors

Clean Sleeping

Enhancing your sleeping experience

All our mattresses are made from premium materials

Delivered directly from our factory

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Celliant is a top-notch and cutting edge technology in performance fabrics & responsive textiles.

A revolutionary, patented technology improves and recycles the body’s natural energy with the help of fibres. The science and mechanism behind the celliant technology merges the minerals and proprietary ingredients that are fused into the core of the fiber. It has been clinically proven that using this technology enhances and improves tissue oxygen levels, athletic performance, sleep quality, wellness and general health.